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001 – Welcome to my world

Greetings fellow internet user!

Taking inspiration from a number of blogs I’ve been reading recently (mostly when I should be hard at work, it should be said – oops!) I’ve decided to begin to chronicle my own exploits for your reading pleasure, so that you can all, in a similar way, dodge doing your job by reading the musings of a stranger instead.

My main aims in starting this site will be:

   a) To record the growth of a burgeoning Praetorian Imperial Guard army,  and perhaps other projects in the future.

    b) To motivate the growth of said army, by allowing me to set public targets on painting and modelling.

    c) To serve as a space for me to throw down my thoughts and opinions on films/games/tv that I’ve been watching/playing and maybe provoke some discussion.

Posts will be, I hope, at least weekly, but more realistically they will come as and when time allows and when I have something to say.

So, thanks for visiting! I know there’s not much to see yet, but look out for a post after the weekend with some pictures of my IG army as it stands so far.



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