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004 – October Hobby Update

There’s been precious little activity on my painting table this week. Attending a Halloween party at the weekend took up most of my weekend (went as Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas, accompanied by my girlfriend who painted herself blue and made a very convincing Sally!), and work commitments took up too many evenings.  All I’ve managed to get done is half a Leman Russ track. Hoping this week will be more productive!

A great idea that I’ve seen on other blogs and that I intend to shamelessly rip-off, is of trying to keep all hobby purchases “financially neutral”. That is, before spending any money on more models or paints, I will aim to have offset that spend by selling something hobby related on eBay. While it would be nice to be swimming in cash right now, the reality is that I wouldn’t say I have enough to particularly dip my toe in, and so this could be just what I need to restrain my more… impulsive purchases (read “oooh Super Heavies, Titans, other shiny things, gief!”). At the very least it’ll hopefully mean I don’t accumulate more unpainted models than I have already!

Here’s the cashflow situation for October:


Old Empire Steam Tank – £17

Bretonnian Archers Regiment – £8

Halfling Archers Regiment – £27

Total £52.00


Grenade Launcher + 3 Lasgunners – £8

3 Melta Gunners – £13.60

Total – £21.60

This means my net cashflow is an income of £31.40. The fun part is now deciding what to spend that on! 😀



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