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Who’s the Geek?

Hi there,

My name is Mike, I’m 27 years old and I live in Yorkshire, England.

I have been interested in gaming for over 15 years, and collected Games Workshop stuff throughout my teenage years. My first ever models were the box sets of plastic Skeletons, Skeleton Cavalry, and Skeleton chariot that accompanied the first Undead army book. This led to quite a large undead (and later Vampire Counts) army, along with forays into collecting Empire, Dwarfs, Chaos Warriors, Wood Elves and lastly Lizardmen. The only one of these armys still around is the Lizardmen which currently live in my parent’s attic! (look out for a possible revival of this army at some point).

I did dabble in 40k, but never got into it to the extent that I did the fantasy game, and in fact I have not played 40k since about 4 editions ago (the one that had Space Marines and Goff Orks in the box), when I had a small contingent of Catachan guardsmen. I’ve always liked the background fluff of the 40k universe, which is just so unique, dark and well fleshed out! Over the years I played pretty much every game going, from Blood Bowl and Mordheim, through  Necromunda and Gorkamorka to Battlefleet Gothic and Space Hulk.

I haven’t painted or had any games for several years now, real life took over, I moved out, and my collection started to gather dust. Also, my girlfriend didn’t particularly approve of such a geeky hobby!

I recently decided to revive my hobby, inspired particularly by the discovery of a thriving blog community, and hope to be up and gaming with my new army by the start of next year. What my girlfriend will think to this remains to be seen…..


October 2010

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